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Solo cam pro - dominant bucksSOLOCAM PRO is a pseudo-acronym which means SOLO CAMeraman PROducer. The SoloCam style is using professional techniques to videotape your hunt in such a way that others will think that a professional cameraman did it for you. Dominant Bucks solicits whitetail hunts from viewers- with each submission screened for a chance to be on Dominant Bucks as seen on Outdoor Channel. Typically 5-6 hunts are selected and these selected bowhunters receive free gear and an opportunity be a team member for the following season. Dominant Bucks started with 10 SoloCam pros and and after three seasons we have 26 Total SoloCam pros.

We allow self-video taped hunts as well as a cameraman to help with your taping and productions. We ask that hunters who are serious about doing this to contact the Tom Miranda studios FIRST so we can register you. SoloCam opportunities are limited to only those serious about being TV bowhunters.

The following is a list of requirements:
  • Contact Tom Miranda Studios to register. (Click here to contact us)
  • Hunts must be taped in HDV format.
  • Original tapes or digital files must be supplied.
  • Hunts must be with a bow.
  • Footage should include a story line with preroll of the buck approach, ethical shot, reversal shots from the stand or blind, and hero with no blood on the animal.
  • Priority is given to hunters who hunt with Mathews bow and Lost Camo.
  • Release form must be signed before hunt footage can be used on air.

The SoloCam Outfitter Opportunity

Become a Dominant Bucks SoloCam Pro

When filming your hunt remember, you are trying to tell a story with your video. You are going to take the viewer on an adventure, as seen through your eyes. You will need to be creative and you will need to record a variety of shots. Keep in mind that in the end though, itʼs important to tell the whole story in less than 20 minutes. Footage will be need to be compressed into short sequences. Otherwise, you will have long video clips that will bore your viewer. Remember this, a sequence will take an action that was filmed in realtime that may take minutes or even hours, and compress this action into something much shorter, using a variety of shots.

Download our SoloCam DVD for in depth information on how to be a SoloCam Pro and submit footage to Dominant Bucks as well as Whitetail SLAM TV programs. In this down-load presentation we are going to teach you the what- where- when- how and why of camera work- so that you to can do top quality camerawork and production with out a cameraman.

Go to and download the SoloCam Pro DVD now!

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